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Semper Fie!

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Just one Canadian guy lookin for the answers when he REALLY doesnt understand the QUESTIONS. Maybe you can help me figure them out.

Born and raised in Calgary... tried the "small town" life for a couple of years but found out the cliche is right ... you can't take the boy out of the city! Tagged a "natural athlete" early on (no braggin.. i think there are LOADS of them out there) sports were my life til I ran out of knees. Have to say tho that my KNEE LOSS was my BRAINS GAIN! I didn't know how one dimensional I was till the pins went south. Oh I still participate... more for FUN than anything else but I do a LOT more now. Reading, learning... actually LISTENING to what other people had to say! I may not have "green light" speed anymore but life is sure going faster!
Name: CAPTAIN CANUCK <wdhiii@shaw.ca>

Location: Calgary, Alberia. CANADA

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